I received this article today and thought ‘darn, wish I had written it’… Some really great points…

So, I ask again, why are you on it?

Are you on Social Media to:

  1. Connect with friends and family around the world
  2. Educate
  3. Inform
  4. Share things you find helpful
  5. Influence others to optimize their successes and be hopeful

Do you try to be intentional and guard against posting content that is distasteful. Do you refuse to get into arguments with people. That does not mean that you won’t speak out against things you find to be simply outrageous and harmful…


Are you protecting your brand – ME… ME is the face of all that you do — you cannot be separated from ME…

Here’s the clincher: You do need to protect your brand, especially, if you are going to use Social Media as a platform for your business or professional interactions.

As you know, it doesn’t take much to destroy your name. you cannot protect yourself from everything. Some people will say things or make up things to try and hurt your reputation. You can’t stop that. But if we build our ME as strong as we can, most times those derogatory voices will fade because other members of the ‘Business Connection’ will come to your rescue based on what they know of you. They’ll speak out on your behalf or ignore the naysayers.

With this in mind, It is strongly recommended that you be very intentional about what you post on your Social Media platform. Think about your end result. What is it you ultimately want Social Media to do for you? REMEMBER: SOCIAL MEDIA IS ONLY A TOOL! Tools are not an end in and of themselves.

Excerpts are taken from Kingsley Grant <kingsley@kingsleygrant.com>

Posted by Carol Heuser

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