I invite you to join me on September 28th for this exciting 60-min. jam-packed event with useful information and actionable tips that can make a difference in your life.

Are you feeling stuck in an area of your life that you desperately seek to see progress? According to Jim Rohn, “Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

You may be feeling stuck at a certain weight or in a dead-end job. You may be in a relationship that you no longer enjoy or is not going anywhere. Or you maybe even stuck in single status yearning to find the one person to share the joys of life.

These are roadblocks to happiness and they have everything to do with the way you think about change. Change is a process and an emotional journey that contributes to our personal growth and when you understand the dynamics of it, you can welcome it, embrace it, and create successful outcomes.

Yet, dealing with a new reality often requires letting go of old attitudes and behaviors and can create for the most of us self-doubt, fear, stress, and anxiety. Understanding and managing the cycle of change is important for you because it helps you feel that you can exercise control over a situation and take command of status-quo circumstances.

What you will learn:

The cycle and the phases of change, how to recognize what phase you are in, and how to make it work for you.
The one small change you can choose to make that creates massive results in your life.
Two simple happiness habits that when adapted will help you turn the journey of change into an adventure.

Attend this event, apply the learnings, step up and take your life to a whole new level. You will leave feeling inspired with a skip on your step.

September 28, 2017 @ 9:30-10:30AM
Spoto’s – PGA Commons
4560 PGA Boulevard
Palm Beach Gardens

Have questions? I got answers. Send me a note at Stella@StellaFrances.com
For more information visit: StellaFrances.com

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