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Ryan Wilson — Advantage PI, LLC

We offer the very best in process service, related investigations, and eviction services. For self represented litigants, we offer our “Fill, File, Serve” service. We provide the clerk and bar approved legal forms, fill them out with the information you provide, come to your location for notarized signature, file your documents, serve all parties, and prepare your default or proposed Final Judgment follow-up paperwork for one low flat rate.

Collecting a judgement can be one of the most difficult aspects of litigation. We have the knowledge and experience to locate the assets you want to collect and the legal forms you need to file and serve your Writ of Garnishment, Levy, Lien, or Execution. We offer low flat rates and contingency plans are available.

We also offer flat rate evictions served next business day after filing. Attorney filing is available in select locations. Our $99 (plus service of process, court, and Sheriff costs) fee covers everything from the three day notice to the Writ of Possession. Protect your investment and give yourself an Advantage!

Non-attorneys cannot provide legal advise. It is strongly encouraged that you speak with an attorney before initiating any legal action. Writs and other legal documents used to collect a judgement have very specific requirements and strict adherence to the law is required to be successful. Again, you should speak with a lawyer prior to request and service related to judgment collections.

We are not attorneys, private investigators, or collections agents. We can only provide legal documents, fill them out, file, and serve them as requested by you with the information you provide.

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Who would be a good referral for you? Anyone looking for legal document preparation and filing, help collecting a judgement, business seeking background checks and investigations, and property managers/landlords needing eviction services
Business address and/or service area Our local service area includes all of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties; however, we provide worldwide service of process and process related investigations.
Business phone number 8585-2-EVICT (38428)
Mobile phone number 7542187199
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Keywords/Phrases (To be found in searches, members may add up to 10 keywords.) eviction, process server, collect judgement, asset search, background check, legal document, courier, court filing, mobile notary, court filing
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