Roy Emmett is his name and he is an author. I met Roy almost two years ago at a net-working event in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. On a weekly basis, Roy gives his thirty second commercial with these words, “I am a writer and I write”.

Roy offers his writing services to anyone who wants to improve the copy of their promotional materials online or anywhere. When you listen to Roy, he is impressive. He was obviously smarter than the average bear. He exudes a confidence and it never seems that he wants to sell you something. Recently Roy announced that his newest book, Enslaved, was being published and could be ordered by the group members at an exclusive price.

I placed an order, received and read Enslaved. Reading Enslaved made me aware that the Roy Emmett that I know of, from the networking meetings, is only the tip of an iceberg of literary significance.


Testimonals on the book:  Enslaved by Roy Emmett

A powerful story born of the horrific and cruel environs of the African slave trade set in 1844. Historically accurate, the details of life on a slave ship are seen up close in a unique fictional drama including an amazing love story that survives against all odds.



From those who have read the book…


Having recently purchased and read ‘Enslaved’, I want to thank the author, Roy R. Emmett, for researching and writing one of the most comprehensive, educational and engaging books about this dark time in the world. I encourage anyone with any curiosity regarding the slave trade to not hesitate! Buy, read and encourage others to increase their knowledge of this horrific time in history.

Rev. Lyn Snow, Ph.D  –  An avid reader!


Finally got around to your book the last few days, finishing just an hour ago. Well done!  You’ve obviously put a lot of research into it, (never knew you were into history).  Good story line, too.  And your sailing descriptions are pretty accurate, unless your readers are hard core sailors!  If you’d like me go over any future writing for accuracy in that area, I’d be glad to help. But I see no glaring mistakes that need correction.  Besides, it’s a character-driven story, not a swashbuckling sea tale.

Trigg Adams (Author’s note: Mr. Adams is a consummate sailor)


Roy’s research and detailed explanation of what transpired in the slave trade around 1840 added greatly to my historical understanding of the hardship and suffering of the human beings involved. Roy’s use of the English language plus his ability to tell a story delving into the minds and souls of his characters made for an exceptionally good reading experience. History and a rich development of personalities all come alive with Roy’s superb use of the English language. Enslaved is a fast-paced, page-turning, great read.

     Dr. Jack Mitchell, Ph.D


Roy Emmett’s Enslaved is an attention-grabbing, must-read page-turner. The author paints a vivid picture with every word, sentence, paragraph and chapter. Just when you think the adventure is over, Emmett skillfully crafts a twist that takes the reader on another intrepid journey. His research is so thorough that you will find yourself learning some hidden gems of history while enjoying the ride that is Enslaved.



Roy Emmett’s book, Enslaved is an action-adventure on board a slave ship off the coast of Africa in 1844. It’s a riveting story of the slave trade in Africa in the 1800’s. A polished story teller and meticulous researcher, Emmett has created believable characters and a dramatic adventure about human trafficking that happened not all that long ago. Whatever genre you prefer, fiction or non-fiction, you won’t be disappointed with Enslaved.

     Mark Kovalsky


I found it very hard to put this book down once I started reading. There were times when I was forced to take a break from it to study for my finals. As a native of West Africa, I found the book very adventurous and interesting. I thought it was well written and easy reading. I absolutely enjoyed reading it and look forward to more books from this author. I bought a copy for my father who is a lover of history.

     Veronique Pearson


From the opening of this book I was drawn into an incredible story of courage, service and determination with action that kept me on the edge of my seat. Really enjoyed it. A gripping adventure that was very hard to put down. There are always new twists and turns, a new adventure right on the next page. You’ll even learn a lot about a very dark period in our world’s history.

     Roy DeGannes


Just when you thought the story was about to end, a new twist happens that starts the action all over again. Enslaved is great read for all ages and a great way to learn about in a bleak and inhumane period in our history – all wrapped up within a powerful adventure and a love story!

     Christy Young


Great novel with the right amount of action as well as history. Highly recommended for all readers. Very nicely done

     John Albright


Roy Emmett’s book, Enslaved, is an action-adventure novel set in the 1844 slave trade. It’s a great read, interesting, informative and quite entertaining. Historically accurate, the fictional plot and characters are believable and Roy paints a vivid, realistic storyline, shocking and truthful to the horrors of slavery. His honest details make odorous the inhumane conditions that permeated all of slavery. Throughout the many plot twists, his message reverberates.: “Even in the darkest night of despair, the hopeful heart can find reason to believe and work for the impossible.”

Enslaved is worth reading for anyone. It portrays the values of hope, determination and perseverance, values that spring from Roy’s very redemptive personal perspective, reminding the reader that when it may seem all is lost, we should never give up. Definitely a critically needed message today. I’m proud to know Roy Emmett. He’s making a profound impact with his life.

    Dennis Richards


To order a copy of Enslaved, contact Roy Emmett at

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