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Ross Smith — Letting Go Solutions

EFT, which is also known as Tapping requires using fingertips to tap on a specific series of acupuncture points while emotionally tuning in to limiting beliefs or negative experiences, and expressing feelings about them as you tap on these points. This mind/ body technique lets you access your subconscious mind and physically release blocks.

Tapping is a mind-set technique used to overcome limiting beliefs, fears, self-esteem issues, and even things like post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety, childhood trauma. Tapping is one of the most powerful and effective mind/ body techniques for clearing emotional blocks that keep you from achieving what you want. While the idea of it may seem unpromising, or even ridiculous, when I first explain it, you’ll change your mind quickly when you see results. And there’s science behind it, with more than forty clinical trials attesting to the efficacy of Tapping for PTSD, anxiety, and even phobias! Because it lets you access your subconscious mind, Tapping can clear blocks that subconsciously hold you back from what you want, including having more money. It gives you freedom to get more by dissolving resistance that keeps the Law of Attraction from working for you at full capacity. The biggest proof is found in trying it!

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Who would be a good referral for you? People under stress and anxiety. Performance issues.
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Keywords/Phrases (To be found in searches, members may add up to 10 keywords.) stress, anxiety, phobias, addiction, tapping, negative emotions, limiting beliefs
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