When our parents pass on, they will us their property. Well, a will is not the way to ensure the property you have is passed to your children without probate. In hind sight, we’ve learned this… But, because of the Palm Beach Business Connection, I met this wonderful person and this person has a profession in estate planning. Her name is Nancy Ferraro and she is fantastic!
Had clients that inherited their mothers home via a will. The title company said the horrible word Probate – 6-9 months to get the title and will all in order. Please don’t wait until this happens to you. The title company said there is no way we can close on the close date, period. I reached out to Nancy and Nancy was able to address the issue and help these two sisters get to closing in two weeks, on the closing date.
Word of advise, get with Nancy, get everything in order BEFORE hand and rest assured Nancy will make the process much easier!

Charles Murphy
Keller Williams Realty



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