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Peter Reiss — The Reiss Group

I love creating bold new marketing outreach – the hunt – touching and turning new prospects into loyal clients and eager referral sources. And I love farming – keeping and growing accounts by solving their problems, easing their pain.

My Philosophy:
Every sale is a transaction, but not all sales are transactional. Build a relationship of trust and it will lead to broader referrals, wider in-company reach, deeper vertical penetration, and better margins.

Bottom Line:
Before everything else, before you jump into the game, you need answer this question: what’s your passion, where’s your heart, what drives you to create – in other words, what’s your brand?

Business Details

Who would be a good referral for you? Business owners looking to grow B2B with long-term sold customer relationships.
Business address and/or service area South Florida
Business phone number 5163132933
Email address
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Keywords/Phrases (To be found in searches, members may add up to 10 keywords.) Branding, marketing, sales leadership, seminars, training, consulting
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