Money Blunders of the Otherwise Intelligent

Two Basic Rules:
Rule #1 Don’t lose money …Avoid Mistakes
Rule #2 Don’t Forget Rule #1

The problem is you don’t know what you don’t know until you learn the hard way. Eliminate the ways that most people fail:
manage reduce and eliminate …Risk, Fees, and Taxes.

Some Common Blunders

1 Treating investments like a part-time job – not a business
2 Not risk management strategies.
3 Trying to time the market
4 Letting emotions drive investment decisions
5 Ignoring the biggest risk of all – out living your money
6 Expecting any investment approach to work all the time
7 Hiring a Manager solely by the numbers
8 Getting caught up in the relative performance game
9 Not knowing when to fire a managers
10 Not having a financial adviser, Even the best have coaches
11 Doing Nothing – Procrastination
12 Buying on a “Hot Tip”
13 Buying last years Hot Investment
14 Forgetting to Watch
15 Getting Bonds Backwards – % up P down
16 Thinking fixed income is fixed value
17 Thinking a Guarantee is a Guarantee
18 Ignoring taxes
19 Putting it in the wrong name
20 Neglecting the final steps: Distribution and Transfer
21 Not having and/or reviewing a strategy – A plan
22 Not Protecting Assets

Bryan Daly

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