Hey everyone. It’s Barry (the guy working with Bryan to make this website). I just want to share the thing that has me most excited about what this website can do. Here it is:

When you take a minute (or less) to fill out the “Post a message to the group” form, you are creating an actual independent page on this site. If you use someone’s business name in the headline (like “Spotos is a great restaurant”), the page that is created will get indexed by Google as being about Spotos (or whatever business name). Henceforth, whenever someone searches Google for that business name, the page you created has a good chance of being seen — even possibly in a top spot! This is powerful, folks. (See screenshot below. This is a MEMBER-POSTED testimonial to PalmBeachBusinessConnection.com.)

I highly encourage you all to go on the website and write a few sentences about someone you admire, appreciate, or want to support. You can do it here:  https://palmbeachbusinessconnection.com/post-a-message-to-the-group/

Let me know if you have questions. Barry@Brickway.net 🙂

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