Member-Posted Testimonials

Stella Frances “The Happiness is REAL”

Stella Frances is the REAL deal. Her Happiness Life Coaching is truly life changing! I was stuck. I could not understand why I was not progressing. I just thought this is how it will always be. Wrong! Stella immediately understood. She offers tangible real life... read more

Dana Stone- Extrordinary Life Coach

I have to admit, I really didn’t understand why I would need a life coach until I met Dana. Not only is she easy to talk to, but her Extrordinary techniques can help change your self defeating thoughts (that you might not even realize are there) into positive... read more

Dr. Jack and Karin

The products Dr. Jack and Karin promote provide well being for you, your home and your pets. I started using the Melaleuca products a few months ago and have been very pleased. Dr. Jack and Karin have set up a non-profit arm with the company they represent to raise... read more

Dennis Richards, Safe Harbor Financial Resources

Dennis is knowledgeable, honest, answers your questions and is lovely to work with. I did not have any health insurance and he helped me figure out what would work for me and what I could afford. I highly recommend him. He is a pleasure to work with! Wendy Derhak... read more

Kink in my neck

saw my friend Val at the meeting this morning, I slept wrong on my neck, she attacked it with great vengeance and furious anger!!!!!!!……seriously, she sat me in a chair for 15 minutes and got that knot out of my neck, icing as she prescribed and I’m... read more

Escape Room in West Palm Beach

My whole family had a wonderful time at the Extraordinary Escape rooms a couple of weeks ago! It was so much fun. I was amazed at how clever the game was and how excited everyone got as we came closer to solving the mystery that was called “Dog-Napped.”... read more

Surface Genie Inc Testimonial

Share this page with... read more

Sheila Skolnick speaks and coaches

Sheila Skolnick is the very definition of “rags to riches” starting with nothing and building a multi-million dollar business. She speaks, coaches and consults on how you can be successful! Share this page with... read more

Sheree White — Business Services 4 U LLC

Sheree is a perfectionist….one of best in her field… John Demaree Share this page with... read more

Roy Emmett—-I Write

Roy Emmett is a great writer and I highly recommend his newest book, “Enslaved”. It is a very historical book about the slave trade during the 1800’s combined with a love story. Great job Roy! John Demaree Share this page with... read more

Bryan Daly, Palm Beach Business Networking

Bryan Daly is a very professional businessman and leader. In addition to a very successful business owner, he organizes the Palm Beach Breakfast Business Networking event every Thursday at 8:00 AM. It is a wonderful group of Professonial Businesses leaders in the Palm... read more

Extraordinary Escape Rooms

I was lucky enough to enjoy an evening of mind boggling fun at Niki Gottesman’s Extraordinary Escape Rooms “Swindled”. I must admit it took our group of 9 longer than the allotted 60 minutes. The clues keep your mind searching for answers to connect... read more

Testimonial for Stella Frances

I just attended Stella’s workshop on The Key To Happiness. It was fabulous. Stella has a wonderful gift of listening to people, and responding with thoughtfulness and care. Personally, I found the workshop to be an “uplifting” experience, and would... read more

Barry’s Book — Internet Marketing Strategy

I am a very technically challenged person, but Barry’s book was easy to read, pointed out the important points that a person needs to know. I am a bottom line person, don’t want too many details, just the important parts. His book certainly spoke to me and... read more

Stella Frances

What a great presentation ‘Lasting Happiness” was today. Thank you for sharing all that life-changing information with us. Your presence made a difference to me today… Carol Heuser Share this page with... read more

“Roy Emmett and I write”

Roy Emmett is his name and he is an author. I met Roy almost two years ago at a net-working event in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. On a weekly basis, Roy gives his thirty second commercial with these words, “I am a writer and I write”. Roy offers his writing services to... read more

Stella Frances

A compassionate human being who brings happiness where ever she goes. She can show you the pathway to joy and happiness in your life. I am blessed she is my coach and my friend. God Bess you Stella. Share this page with... read more

Writing from the Heart

Roy’s talent lays not in his ability to craft strings of pearls seamlessly in the shape of words as he so masterfully does, but in his amazing ability to connect the minds of the heart and that of logic. So gifted! I love your book. 🙂 Share this page with... read more

Dana Stone — Dvs Diamond Enterprises, LLC

Dana has helped me save my life! Dana is a very patient kind coach that can tell you like it is without offending… which is not easy to do. She has all the tools in her tool box to help people make big changes in their life….I know she helped me and I wll... read more

Stella Frances — Elevated Awareness, LLC

Stella Frances is a real star performer in the change game. Like showing people how to make positive life changes and business changes. The first time I heard her speak I was blown away and took pages of notes. She makes difficult and complex subjects very simple and... read more

Testimonial for Sandra Effertz Photography

The Pet Cottage is creating a 2018 calendar featuring all of the pets in our care. Sandra is amazing! She knows just how to catch each dog/cats personality. She actually came up with the idea to have an action shot and then a glamour shot embedded in the larger... read more

Bryan Daly is awesome!

I just want to say thanks to Bryan for all that he does for us networkers. He exemplifies the “givers gain” attitude, and teaches us how to do the same. It’s a pleasure to know and be connected with him. From Barry Abraham Share this page with... read more

Great Job Barry

Just a quick shout out to Barry and all his hard work on our group website Thank you Barry!!!! Bryan Daly Share this page with... read more

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Joe Grushkin — MaxExposure Business Solutions

You know how most businesses are realizing that an online presence is important in getting found by new clients, and how effectively using websites, advertising, social media, listings and a positive reputation is becoming critical to business growth? What we do is help local businesses save …

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Afshin Motedaeiny — Top Rank Painting

Click here to request your free listing We offer interior and exterior painting services. We are a full service painting contractor with a focus on customer service and quality workmanship on every job we complete. Business Details Who would be a good...

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Jen Scott — Flashy Mama Photography

Flashy Mama, Photography by Jen Scott offers fine art wedding and family photography. We are based out of Palm Beach Gardens, FL and are pleased to serve South Florida and destinations worldwide.
You will find we are passionate, driven, professional, …

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