Financial Planning

Resolution for Property Inheritance Issues?

When our parents pass on, they will us their property. Well, a will is not the way to ensure the property you have is passed to your children without probate. In hind sight, we’ve learned this… But, because of the Palm Beach Business Connection, I met this... read more

Kimberly Daly — Prosperity Lane

How would you like to make a lot of money helping your clients eliminate up to 45% of their interest payments and also accelerating paying off their mortgage in up to half the time? That’s exactly what Mortgage Xcelerator Report can do for you and for your clients. Xcelerator Report is …

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Jeff Manz — New Life Financial Solutions, LLC

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Bryan Daly — New Life Financial Planning, LLC

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. My professional career started in the accounting/tax world and I have been in the financial industry since 1985. I am the Founder of “The Business Connection”. The Business Connection is a professional business networking group founded on the idea that “Givers Always Gain”. The main idea of the …

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What's New?

Ed Katz – Katnip Marketing, LLC

Katnip Marketing is a 10-year old, multiple award-winning advertising and marketing agency offering expert marketing and media communications from experienced professionals. We customize solutions specific to meet your business needs, combining the most effective, efficient use of online and offline marketing, PR and marcom tools.
Our team of marketing experts have the experience, awards and proven success to help clients of any size with all phases of their advertising, outbound and inbound marketing, branding, public affairs and public relations communications needs- in both new media and traditional media…
…contact Ed Katz at
or 561.284.6027. Thank you!

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Sophie Schneeberger – – Echo Fine Properties

With all the ins and outs of buying/selling a home it’s easy to get lost and frustrated without the right assistance. My job is to help navigate the process, and each client has different needs. I am an agent that will guide my clients from beginning to end, and stay with them even after closing, so their transaction runs smoothly …

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Thank You Bryan Daly

Bryan Daly thank you for all you do to help us attain success by making heartfelt connections through your business networking group. Having been a member of the P.B.B.C. for over a year now my practice has grown tremendously through the people I connected with at the...

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