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Arlene Paukert — Freedom Equity Group

My passion is to educate individuals about a safer and more complete alternative to the IRA or 401k. These qualified plans have fees that can eat up 50% of savings. I offer “the best plan you never heard of” which gives my clients market gains and no market risk, an income stream they cannot outlive, and legally opt out of the tax system with their retirement savings. All with NO high, hidden management fees.

As a licensed agent, I make sure my clients have a plan customized to THEIR needs – no cookie cutter programs.

What makes me stand out from others in this industry is my passion for helping people become financially secure. I found my purpose in life and because I love what I do, it never feels like “work.”

For a complete, confidential analysis to find out how YOU can create a safe, secure financial future, give me a call at 561-670-6828 ANYTIME!

Business Details

Who would be a good referral for you? I focus my business on helping women and families create a safe, secure financial future, by making sure that if they get sick they will not go bankrupt or go into foreclosure, and build a wonderful retirement income.
Business address and/or service area All of Florida
Business phone number 561-670-6828
Mobile phone number 561-670-6828
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Keywords/Phrases (To be found in searches, members may add up to 10 keywords.) life insurance, living benefits, retirement savings & income, 401(k), annuities, mortgage protection, IRA, financial analysis, college funding
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